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Musical Minds uses piano keyboards as our central learning tool for teaching music, but it is important to realise that our sessions are not simply group piano keyboard classes. Rather, they provide a complete music learning system for the participants. From the earliest days of western music, various forms of the piano keyboard have been at the center of its development. Today, vocalists, guitarists, string and horn players still rely on the piano as the anchor for composition, harmony and structure. In all styles of modern music the piano keyboard is key. Using the piano keyboard, the Musical Minds method takes theparticipant through five stages of development:

1. Basic Skills On The Keyboard (Book 1)

Getting our kids playing familiar melodies is the first step. Basic playing techniques can be learned while they practice their favorite tunes, such as movie and television themes, and popular radio hits. At this stage, the participants are introduced to bass note accompaniments, so that they are able to play very simple arrangements with both hands.

Musical Minds
Musical Minds

2. Music Reading & Writing Skills (Book 2)

Once kids are comfortable with finding notes on the keyboard and playing with both hands, it's time for them to learn the basics of written music, both treble clef and bass clef. At this stage we also teach them about chords, intervals and inversions.

3. Ensembles - Playing Music With Others (Book 3)

Music is not a solo affair; most musicians work with others. At this stage we introduce our players to simple multi- part song arrangements. The challenge of playing with other musicians, keeping time with them, is daunting, but fun.

Musical Minds
Musical Minds

4. Jamming - Creative Improvisation (Book 4)

Now our kids are ready to unleash their creativity. At this stage we introduce them to the concept of jamming (ad lib style playing) on songs and pieces of music. By teaching them major, minor and blues scales, we show them how to find parts that they can work out themselves, which will work in their musical selection.

5. Songwriting & Composition (Book 5)

This is the ultimate stage of musical development. Creating melodies and song lyrics from scratch requires confidence, but the tools provided in this final stage open up the floodgates of the imagination.

Once our participants have moved through these five stages, they are well rounded musicians with an understanding of their own musical potential. They will have much more to learn still, but they will approach the learning process with purpose and determination!

Musical Minds