Mini Camp

Host Your Own Rock Music Mini -camp This Summer!

Your kids can live their Rock ’n Roll fantasy right at home!

Hosting Your Own Rock Music Camp Is More Affordable Than Regular Summer Camps!

Unlike camps held at schools and recreation departments, there is no “facility usage” cost. AND – if you “host” the mini camp, then the tuition cost to you is very low, or even free!

Already a Player?
If you play a musical instrument, you can play a leading role at a mini-camp. It’s a great experience to play with musicians with different skill levels.

Even absolute beginners can do this. Learn easy riffs and rhythms on guitar, keyboard or drums. We make sure there are parts that even very young kids can play.

Musical Minds

An in-home Mini Rock Music Camp can have as few as five kids, and as many as ten. Ideal for kids aged 6 to 13, and for kids with musical skills as well as novices.

It’s Convenient And Easy!
We’ll bring all the equipment and musical instruments to your house for a fantastic one week rock band camp.

All you need is between five and ten kids at home or in your neighborhood. If you have a good play space (indoor or outdoor), we’ll supply everything else!


  • Learn to play guitar, bass, drums and keyboards.
  • Learn how to play your favorite rock tunes.
  • Learn how to “jam the blues”.
  • Write your own tunes in our songwriting workshop.
  • Make a rock video!
  • Perform a concert on the final day!

Guitar! Drums! Keyboards! Bass! Vocals!

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Musical Minds
Musical Minds
Musical Minds

If you are interested in hosting or being a part of an in - home Mini Camp, please complete the information below and submit it to us: